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XML Sound Controller

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user zeex Byzeex


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a simple but Dynamic (xml-driven) Sound Controller for your flash or html website. you can also customize On/Off toggle button and volume controller from fla without changing actionscript.


1- Load sound from XML.
2- On/Off Toggle Button.
3- By Default Play/Stop Setting.
4- Show/Hide Volume Controller.
5- Enable/Disable Sound Loop.

Keywords: XML  Dynamic  Sound  Control  Volume 


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user zeex
zeex the listing author 1 decade ago

linux4all, Sorry to say with this component you can not stop a sound after clicking another sound. Each sound will play or stop independently. If you put multiple sounds on your webpage using this component then will have to play or stop each sound by clicking its toggle button.

user linux4all
linux4all didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

zeex, thank you for your reply. I want to have an html page with three song names in text, each with a player beside it to play the sample of that song only. I can put each player in a different directory, that is easy. However, I want to make sure that when one player is clicked, it will stop other sounds before playing its own sound. Since three copies of the player will be on the same web page, I wish to prevent having multiple song samples playing at the same time. So, when user clicks on the second or third player to start it, the other player should stop playing anything and become silent. Only one song should be playing at any time. I wanted to do it this way for good design of layout of the page. I do not want a complete mp3 player with song lists and such. Can I make this player kill active sounds from other players before beginning to play the sound assigned to it? Or is that still such a stupid question that no one will answer it???? Maybe there is a kill_sound command that I am missing somewhere....

user zeex
zeex the listing author 1 decade ago

Dear linux4all,
XML Sounder Controller is not work as a media player where a user can add a list of media files. This is just a simple sound controller contains an On/Off Toggle Button and a volume controller. This file can be useful if user want to display a background sound in their HTML or Flash Website. The sound file loads from XMLFile and that xml file is placed at root. Anyways you can use this component many times in your webpage having different sound files. But one thing you should remember that each component should comes from different directory.

user linux4all
linux4all didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

I would like to buy your player, but I need a simple player where I can put more than one player and embed it in a page and then have the second or third player stop any other player before it starts playing its own song. So far, I can only find simple players that will all play at the same time and even though I already bought players here I get no reply from the authors as to how to make my requirements work with their player. If you would please answer my question I will buy your player twice, if you like. I have just about had it with the lack of help on this site from authors whose stuff I have already bought, so I won't buy anything else here without an answer first. If my question is dumb, or requires additional programming on your part, please say so, just please dont leave me hanging...

user zeex
zeex the listing author 1 decade ago

Hi, first of all I would like to thanks, dear it is so simple, just open "Dynamic Sound Controller" fla. file and select "Simple But Dynamic On/Off Sound Controller for your flash or HTML Website." by a single click. And delete it. For resizing right click on stage and go to "Document Property" and insert Width and Height whatever you want. For Changing On/Off Button, just double click on "loading sound..." movieclip, which is appeared on the _root. In this movieclip you have three frames; "Frame # 02" is for "On" And Frame # 03 for "Off" click on these frames and change.

If you have another query please fell free to contact.

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