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Dynamic HTML Text On Flash

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a component writes HTML Text on Flash Dynamically. Through this component you will be able to change, edit or modify your text without opening Flash File.

1- Open a flash file and drag a textbox from toolbar.
2- Go to property panel select "Dynamic Text" Mode and give an instance name to the textbox.
3- Open XML File, consider "FullPath" attribute of "TextField " node, now assign your textbox full instance name to “FullPath” attribute. like: "_root.mytextbox_txt" or "_root.myclip_mc.mytextbox_txt",
4- Write your HTML inside "TextField" node.
5- External CSS file can be through "stylesheet" attribute of "Layout" node.

Keywords: HTMLText  Flash  XML  Dynamic 


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