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FLV player Lite

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user Manu81 ByManu81


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Lightweight, stylish, easy to use and customize: FLV player Lite.


Complete Streaming System in only 7kbytes!
Supports FLV and H.264 encoded videos.
Stylish, contextual, autohiding user interface.
Fluid, smooth seekbar with integrated loadbar.
Custom preview support for JPG, PNG and SWF.
XML Playlist support with thumbnails and captions.
Fullscreen with smoothed video & correct aspect ratio.
Keyboard & Mouse wheel controls enabled.
Custom watermark with integrated linking.
FlashVars for any kind of customization.
Support for autoPlay and autoLoop.

Keywords: flv  player  full  screen  xml  playlist  lightweight  streaming  video  high  definition  thumbnails 


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user s.t.sampanthar
s.t.sampanthar didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Hello there,

Can I play youtube videos on this player?

user Manu81
Manu81 the listing author 9 years ago

cheloloco, as far the videos are encoded in h.264 they should be played flawlessly. There is a playlist plugin which allows you to switch between videos. There is a standalone as also an embeddable version included with examples and precompiled presets.

user cheloloco
cheloloco purchased this file 9 years ago

Hi! I`m quite interested in this video player.. but i don`t no much about AS coding.. so.. i`ve got a few dumb questions:

1- what kind of video does it play? quick time, flv, avi..
2- Could i make a list whit other videos and load'em into this player?
3- I`d like to use it for a full flash site im making, so, i'd like to be able to load it into another .swf, can it be done?

sorry for the sily questions and bad english! (i`m from Uruguay)


user Manu81
Manu81 the listing author 1 decade ago

I just updated to version 1.8 which is available for Download. :)

user Manu81
Manu81 the listing author 1 decade ago

Yes, it could be modified to be added with Flash 8. You have to edit two actionscript classes in order to get it to work: and

However fullscreen works only from Flash 9 and above and there shouldn't be any reason to develop in Flash 8 anymore as you can just user the provided expressinstall to autoupdate every user to flash 9 without prompting any install.

Replace the if statements where it's checking the displaystate with something else or just remove them and try to test your document. If you have problems to get it working post a comment here and I'll try to provide you the solution you need.

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