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AV Panel News V2.1 with XML and CSS this listing is admin's pick

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user Aires ByAires


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
AV Panel News V2.1 an easy and attractive to read the news.

Now it's easy but also customize the AV Panel News V2.1, using the CSS file and accept HTML code, you can style as desired colors of font, size, link and much more.

You can upgrade with little work by a XML file, just a few moments.

In the XML file you set the configuration to its best mode, as the sound of buttons, volume, among other things.

XML is contained in all the information required for AV Panel News V2.1, is configured, updated and displayed.

Keywords: av  news  ticker  aires  vinicius  xml  actionscript  css  html 


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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

@cberlin, I think it just doesn't scroll to the last read item when you click back, but this is not really a bug, is just a specific feature that is not there.
I don't know about the highlighting though, maybe the titles just can have different text color?

user cberlin
cberlin purchased this file 10 years ago

the Back Button does not work correctly.
Try this: Go with "read more" to the details page of the first news item. Use the right arrow to click to the 4th news detail directly. Use the Back-Button from there.
I would expect that the left list would jump to a position that the current news item (No4) is in the visible area and that No.4 is highlighted in the list (and not No3 and No7).

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