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Smooth XML Gallery

Smooth XML Gallery - click for preview
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user leskography Byleskography


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
The gallery is XMl driven so you can change content without any Flash knowledge. Check out the features of this smooth image viewer.


*preloads content before show
*TITLE and DESCRIPTION for each photo
*HTML formatted description for product
*support for JGP, PNG or GIF image types
*theoretically unlimited categories can be added
*background music with controls
*nice and smooth picture fade in
*optionally you can add the ARTIST NAME
*well synchronized categories
*reposition and resizing content when the browser is being resized.
*ZOOM and PAN option for recently viewed image.
*COLOR THEME can be changed from the XML file very easy

Keywords: animation  simple  clean  image  photo  jpg  jpeg  png  gallery  editable  xml  description  title  external  full  screen  browser  text  html  resizeable  thumbnail 


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user leskography
leskography the listing author 1 decade ago

mjmaddocks! I don't understand exactly what you want to get rid of
"photography" ???

user mjmaddocks
mjmaddocks purchased this file 1 decade ago

I love the gallery. But the only thing is that I am not using it for Photography, I'm using it for print designs. How can I get the "Photography" in the top left corner out without opening it in Flash? Because when I open it in CS4 it messes everything up because I'm not using Flash 8 (or so it said).

user donartamas2001
donartamas2001 purchased this file 1 decade ago

I can't seem to add a new picture for the gallery. The thumbnails and the larger picture won't show. Kindly explain to me like a six year old kid how to go about linking the url. "url of new xml file containing info, relative to swf file" can't understand this. You can email me at Thanks!

user donartamas2001
donartamas2001 purchased this file 1 decade ago

I'm a newbie as far as web design is concerned. I was quite impressed with this that's I purchased it. I know html and css but not much on xtml. I'm a visual artist and I need an on-line gallery for my site with all the links to the cart and paypal. I still have to figure this out . . . i just hope i can let it work. Thanks!

user nireve
nireve didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

leskograpfy, i don`t need: this is one of my album projects. The point was to make something well, not just half of project.

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