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10 Effect XML menu

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user leskography Byleskography


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a fully customizable XML driven text gallery with a lot of features.Customizing is very

easy, the preview file is included in pack,so you can play with it until you achieve the desired settings combination, after than just replace the setting values in XML file, with those

displayed in preview!


* 2 layout vertical and hirizontal
* menu type – link or function
* spacing between menu item letters
* spacing between menu items
* menu items font size
* speed of glowing effect
* initial font color
* rollover color
* rollover effect type(blur,alpha,glow,inshade,cw,ccw,xaxisrot,yaxisrot,yscale+,yscale-)

All these features are controlled by one single XML file!!!

Keywords: XML  menu  button  link  linkage  effect  text  font  style  size  AS2  actions  script2  flash8  url  hyperlink  unlimited  r  n  nitem  alpha  glow  blur  scale  rotation  x  y 


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user solenthaler
solenthaler purchased this file 9 years ago

got it to work!

user solenthaler
solenthaler purchased this file 9 years ago

I want replace my old button based menu with "10 Effect XML Menu". The buttons are like this: on (release) {
gotoAndPlay("SCENE1", 1);
Tried to implement the gotoAndPlay as described in your help.pdf >>>into switch (mid+1) {
case 1: gotoAndPlay("SCENE1", 1); breack;
That does not function. It will never call SCENE1 od SCENE2 or.....
Where am i wrong.

user johnmac
johnmac didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Can the background color be changed? Type reflection added (just wondering)? Thanks

user leskography
leskography the listing author 1 decade ago

Make a function that loads your swf somewhere, give it a name and read how to add functions to buttons in documentation!

user fox
fox purchased this file 1 decade ago

Hi, how can i load an swf file and not an url please ?

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