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H.264 .f4v Xml Video player V3

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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
This player is made for streaming local supported formats video files from the server.

It plays any kind of video file that Flash Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V).


- Supports MPEG-4 standard container files that contain video and audio H.264 / AAC encoded including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, FLV.
- The movie and image are configured in the XML file.
- FullScreen button.
- Preview Image. You can set an image for video that will be displayed when the video is stopped.
- Big play button in the middle of the video.
- Video smoothing, for a better quality you have the option to smooth or unsmooth the video.
- Image playlist for the movies, you can add as many videos as you like.
- Autoplay option.
- OOP based code.
- All options are set in one XML file, so you don't need to change any embeding stuff in HTML.

This player can be set to any size you want by changing the player width and height in the XML file, so you can integrate this in any of your projects, HTML or Flash.

You will find all the XML settings in the help.txt file plus instructions about how to set this up, the help.txt is provided in the download sources. Enjoy!

- To be able to play H.264 video you need Player or later.

Keywords: video  player  xml  full  screen  resizable  adjustable  flv  h  264  mov 


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user gregolopolous
gregolopolous purchased this file 9 years ago

yes, no help file? this is frustrating.

user Shinjitsu84
Shinjitsu84 purchased this file 1 decade ago

I really would like to get some answers here, I take it you don't visit the sites where you have posted your work all that often?

When I downloaded this I did not get the help.txt, Also when I call this in as an external SWF into another flash file, I doesnt seem to want to play. Please help?

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