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Dynamite Multilevel Menu Bar

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Dynamite Menu Bar

features and help

1. XML driven Text -

color = give a color code for eg- 0xffffff for white color.
size = give any size.
font = write font name for eg-"tahoma".
underline = true to enable and false to disable text underline.
italic = true to enable and false to disable text italic style.
bold = true to enable and false to disable text boldness.

2. XML driven Background bar -

color = give a color code for eg- 0xff9900 for orange color.
shine = true to make bar 3d false to make bar 2d.
opacity = bar transparency 0 to 100, 0 to make full transparent
and 100 to make fully opaque.

3. Unlimited links.
4. Multiple and Unlimited levels.

just write the no of sublinks included in "sub" attribute of link.

for eg-

I have a first link "Products" which contains 3 sublinks "Products1"
,"Products2" and "Products3" and "Products3" contains 2 other
sublinks "Products31" and "Products32".
Now write the total number of sublinks of "Products" including
sublinks of "Products3" in "sub" parameter of link "Products".
Means sub="5" of link "Products".

And write the total number of sublinks of "Products3" in "sub"
parameter of "Products3".
Means sub="2" of link "Products3".

----------------------XML code Example-------------------

<link text="Products" url="" sub="5"/>

<link text="Products1" url="" sub="0"/>
<link text="Products2" url="" sub="0"/>

<link text="Products3" url="" sub="2"/>
<link text="Products31" url="" sub="0"/>
<link text="Products32" url="" sub="0"/>


5. Adjustable width and height of menu bar.

Just give the dimensions of width and height in "html" page code.
As done in the "Dynamite XML menu bar.html" source code.

6. Sound effects included.

Keywords: menu  multilevel  unlimited  sound  effects 


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