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Simple Banner and Pictures Rotator

Simple Banner and Pictures Rotator - click for preview

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user MS-Design ByMS-Design


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
XBR is a powerful and stylish rotator of images written in as3.

- With XBR you can simply add images in assets folder, and write (cut and paste) few lines in a XML file to make rotator works.

- No actionscript experience is needed

- XBR in fact is drag ‘n droppable from one file to another without writing any code. Fla file contains XBR movieclip with its own class, so you can use it like a component with no main class to customize and rewrite.

- The picture viewer has standard sizes of 880 x 300. But XBR is resizable so you can fit any size you need.

- Every image can have its own caption stored in XML file. Caption text is CSS formatted from style.css file.

- You can also stop Slideshow by pressing the pause button or setup XBR to star paused.

- XBR comes with a stylish interface but you can modify it by work on assets in the library (for instructions on this, please follow the specifications in this help document).

Keywords: css  banner  rotator  caption  images  autoplay  slideshow  header  xml 


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user dallas3000
dallas3000 purchased this file 7 years ago

Just bought it and it is not working. Instructions are not helpful... Any help!

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