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Fade in - Fade out Slideshow

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user svcreation Bysvcreation


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Fade in - Fade out XML Slideshow banner AS2 you can place Caption and link on image


set the image speed

set the fade in speed

set the fade out speed

Caption on/off option

Links on/off option

Buttons on/off option

Add or Delete Slide show picture

add or delete image Caption

Link Url on every image

xml fade in - fade out slideshow, image, rotator, banner, photo, slideshow, slider

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user SueHaun
SueHaun purchased this file 8 years ago

I tried changing the size of the slideshow, but my changes never took effect. I also tried to change the background color. No luck so far. The information wasn't contained in the help.txt. Help!

user jmedina
jmedina purchased this file 1 decade ago

very nice !

user svcreation
svcreation the listing author 1 decade ago

To Aseksas: Yes you can resized this flash banner rotater in any width and height

user Aseksas
Aseksas didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

this can rasized to 468x60?

user DennisLeahy
DennisLeahy purchased this file 1 decade ago

Very nice! Good fade transition - easy on the eyes and brain.

Suggestion: When squares are visible, clicking on a square pauses the slideshow. When paused, change that square to triangle pointing right, which is an intuitive way to show that the triangle is a "play" button to resume the slideshow.

After completeting my suggestion, raise price to $10. I'll buy it.

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