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Full Dynamic XML Slide template Skin2

Full Dynamic XML Slide template Skin2 - click for preview
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user bgaby88 Bybgaby88


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
+ Main properties:
- Logo (Main Title) can be changed from XML.
- Shiny filter on most of the texts
- Enter button can be set to on/off from XML
- Menupoints are read from XML together with their content
- MenuGlow Color can be changed from XML
- Icon & reflection images loaded from XML + AUTO RESIZED

More Features
+ Home - About type content:
- HTML + CSS text loaded from XML supporting LINKS And Images (jpg,png,bmp etc) and external SWF too.
- Dynamic Scroll supporting mosue scroll
- CSS changes the text color,link color, title color.

+ Gallery - Portfolio type content:
- Images are loaded from XML
- At click link can be changed from XML for each image
- Image zoom in animation at rollover
- Mouse scroll enabled with status report

+ Contact panel features:
- Host e-mail can be changed from XML
- Shiny text effect on input text
- Warning messages to user if form not filled correctly
- Questions and options can be addressed to visitors, set them also in the XML file

How to use template:
The template is Flash 9 (CS3),the animations are made with transitions allowing nice tween moves and low processor usage most of data can be changed from xml so there is no need to open it with a Flash editor, you only have to find a cool title and change a string to change the text in the flash, update the menu.xml to set your own menupoints, and your content is HTML text, you can add links, images, icons, upload the source files to your server and use it as your own design ;) , oh yes... if you want to make major modifications as advanced colors and own structure of content you can make it by yourself too but you will have to modify the FLA file or contact me and request a template modification. That's all thx for checking out the template and thank you so much if you buy any bgaby88 - Creative Stuff product.

Keywords: full  xml  dynamic  logo  menu  glow  slide  gallery  nice  cool  animated  black  dark  blue  grey  shine  contacts  resize 


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user bgaby88
bgaby88 the listing author 1 decade ago

Hi ksmycks, thank you for purchasing the item... in order to move the menupoints closer to each other you must edit the code a little bit... do the following:
1. open the index.FLA file in a flash CS3 editor
2. Go to the 5th frame in the main timeline and on the "menuactions" layer open up the Actions window (F9 or right click -> Actions)you will see some code
3. on line [62] there is this code:
"px = px +; //calculate next position"

4. change it to 'px = px + - NUMBER; " where NUMBER must be a value between... I think 1 - 25... it depends on the length of your longest menu label... but you can play around with it and test with different values

5. publish your modified SWF with CTRL + ENTER

user ksmycks13
ksmycks13 purchased this file 1 decade ago

Love the lay out, but how can I decrease the spacing on the Menu bar?

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hello, before this can be approved, you need to remove the links ( from this listing and any other listings you might have with links.

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