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xml image gallery photo viewer v2 this listing is admin's pick

xml image gallery photo viewer v2 - click for preview
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user QuickThemes ByQuickThemes


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
XML photo gallery - xml picture viewer

- Dynamic XML based Photo Gallery
- Support Unlimited Categories
- Support unlimited images JPG, GIF, PNG or SWF files

- Via XML file you can customize:
---- Thumbs Height, Width, Spacing,
---- Large Image Height [As width is resizeable], Large image Border,
---- You can Autoply on/off,
---- Default image for the gallery,
---- Auto play delay,
---- Show or Hide image text/description

- Easy to use and configure
- Centralized coding
- Code is fully commented
- A detailed help file is included

Keywords: slideshow  photo  xml  gallery  multiple  category  picture  categorised  viewer  dynamic  banner  rotator  Auto  play  autp  tabaheee 


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user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 10 years ago


Thanks. I appreciate your comments

user tocandar
tocandar purchased this file 10 years ago

Very Good

user ScotterMonk
ScotterMonk didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hi -

I have the need for some features that may or may not exist in your product. Please let me know if they exist or you can add them or you have another product that better suits my needs. Thanks. Here are the features:

(1) Link. I need the ability to add a URL (HREF) into the XML file; when they click on the big picture I want to send them to another page, a page of my choosing that is dependent on which image they clicked on. The page may be for "add to cart" or it may be to give information about the project photographed.

(2) Possible to move the categories combo-box/drop-down to be at the top/left instead of bottom/left?

If you can add these features and create a new product (and if I can afford it) I will buy it!

Please let me know what you think:

Thank you!

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