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xml portfolio website photographer template

xml portfolio website photographer template - click for preview
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user QuickThemes ByQuickThemes


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
xml portfolio website - photographer template


xml menu - layout

- xml based navigation menu.So navigation can be modified via XML file
- logo can be changed via XML file. [jpg, gif, png or swf]
- MP3 Music can be changed via XML file

html content page [ can be duplicated ]

- About page is the example
- HTML Content page can load HTML text which can easily be formated via CSS
- This page can support scroll bar
- Scroll bar auto hides if total text height is less then the content area
- This HTML text can Support Images as well. via image tag used in HTML

xml new module

- Support unlimited News Items
- You can set DATE and TEXT via XML file
- Text is HTML and CSS formated, Using "CDATA" so text can support hyperlinks and Images

advance xml portfolio - photo gallery

- Dynamic XML based photo gallery - image gallery
- Support unlimited categories [ to fit width ]
- Each category can support unlimited images
- Support JPG, GIF, PNG

- Category Title
- Thumb url, large image url
- Description text and support HTML and CSS
- Thumbs, Large image Movement Speed XML attributes
- Default Auto Play or Not , attribute in XML
- Auto Play Delay/Pause in seconds , attribute in XML
- Easy to use and configure

your own swf [ addition]

- If you want to add another page to this template then this is the part for you where you can add your own modified and produced SWF file

php contact form

- All text is HTML and CSS formated
- text is loaded via XML file and can support scroll bar
- contact form is PHP supported

help and support

- This template comes with a very well explaind HELP file
- everything is well organised
- all code is well commented
- library items are well organised

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user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 9 years ago

Hi Mina,

Skype request sent.

user minamagdy666
minamagdy666 purchased this file 9 years ago

Hello quantatec, How are you man?
Kindly i want to ask you if i need to make 4 buttons named "cat1", "cat2", "cat3", "cat4" and each of 4 buttons open xml profile different and "cat1" for me is the default .. how can i done that ? please if you want contact me I appreciate skype: 'Mina_hi" ... thanks.

user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 1 decade ago

may I know the URL for the file please?

user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 1 decade ago

may I the URL for the file please?

user chrwalk
chrwalk didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

I actually posted this question under the wrong template. I was wanting to ask a question about Power XML Template 2.0. The categories menu on the bottom right corner of it's layout is a clickable button that raises a submenu for sub-galleries. I want to make it so it doesn't have to be clicked and raises the submenu automatically after the thumbs are loaded. It is hardly noticable as it is designed and would be better if it just displayed the submenu categories without needing to be clicked. I don't know how much more clear I can explain this.

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