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xml video player flv gallery v3

xml video player flv gallery v3 - click for preview
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user QuickThemes ByQuickThemes


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
advance xml video gallery - flv gallery - video player

Features ::

- XML driven content
- Video streaming with buffer
- Full screen video mode supported
- Scroll bar with mousewheel and disable option
- Multiple categories/playlists and unlimited amount of videos an be displayed
- When on fullscreen status. bar will auto hide after 5 seconds
- Support HTML and CSS formated text

- All content can be changed via a single XML file, --- such as video url
--- thumbs url
--- title and description text

- Supports H.264 MP4 video (with latest Flash Player 9 installed)
- Easy to use and configure
- Centralized coding
- Code is fully commented
- A detailed help file is included

Keywords :

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user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 8 years ago


Sorry no support for SWF files, only video files are accepted. FLV, F4V, MP4, and MOV

user didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago


Does this suport swf files? I want a player with playlist that playes swf files like it was a video file.

user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 9 years ago


There is no xml attribute for this feature. You will need to modify the actual flash file to support this feature.

Please send me an email. See what I can do.

user radesigns
radesigns purchased this file 9 years ago

Is it possible to have the player stop after the video has finished and let the user select which video to watch next? For example, if a user is watching their first video in fullscreen mode, when the video ends the user would be returned to the player allowing them to choose say another category and video to watch?

user QuickThemes
QuickThemes the listing author 9 years ago


I am glad files are working fine for you now :)

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