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Flash Print With Print Preview

Flash Print With Print Preview  - click for preview

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user ravimarella Byravimarella


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
A Flash print utility with print preview and crop features. You can print entire stage or any item present on the stage or any item present in the library

- Print stage Print any item* present in the library;
- Print any item* present on the stage;
- A preview pane shows how the content will be printed;
- 3 Types of paper fits: Exact fit to paper, Best fit and No scale fit;
- Provision to crop the image and print only the required part;
- Provision to view the complete image and then crop the required part;
- Add different paper types+ .
All above can be set using the component inspector. (To open component inspector, just press SHIFT+F7).

How to Use:
- Drag/ copy the FlashPrint component and the FlashPrint Assets folder from the flash library of the provided source to your file;
- Copy the com folder to the same location as your source application;
- Add the Flash Print component to the stage, set the parameters;
- Just set the print target types to one of the three types: entire stage, stage item or library item Supply the instance name if you're printing the stage item. Supply the class name** if you're printing the library item;
- To add new paper types, first add the paper type and then the paper width and paper height in the parameters. You can also set the preview pane height, width;
- You can change the look of the buttons by directly editing the items present in the customizable assets folder of the flash library (press F11 to open the flash library);

Limitations/Restrictions/ Tips:
- Maximum allowed dimensions for printing: 2880X2880. If the size of the print item is greater than this, the item will be automatically clipped to 2880x2880;
- If you see that a movie clip is being clipped on the top or left, try setting the registration point to top left;
- Add a background to your animations as the width of most animations will keep changing and flash considers only the initial width. You can reduce the alpha to 0 if you don't want the background be visible.

+Please note that flash cannot change the paper type. It only replicates the paper type functionality here so that you can know how the out print will look like. You still have to manually set the printer preferences to the paper size selected here.
* Item here refers to any Item that is a Class implementing IBitmapDrawable which includes Movieclips, Buttons, Video, and Shape for example.
** To create a class name, right click on any of movieclip/ Button library items ->click linkage-> select export for actionscript->and enter a unique name in the Class text field.

Email me if you have any problems with the component.

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user ravimarella
ravimarella the listing author 1 decade ago

thank you for the positive feedback anllie

user anllie
anllie purchased this file 1 decade ago

excelent component, very good.

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