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Collection 101: Excellent Site Tools

This collection was created by infinity 9 years ago .
Description: This tools is very good for your site as a components.

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Product colors changing

Product colors changing $5.00 by infinity

This file created in Flash 8 and Flash CS3 with Action Script 2.0 This is an excellent color tool for your product. You can add each image color in the file each in a separate layer bu ... 1 sales

Weather Widget eight variants

Weather Widget eight variants $12.00 by Polka

eight variants weather condition customize weather with 8 different versions 5 sales

Product xml point details

Product xml point details $5.00   by infinity

Product xml point details is made in Flash CS3 and actionScript 2.0 The red points on the car (product) is buttons each with name, This name is (point1, point2, point3, …etc). This bu ... 6 sales

Digital Clock

Digital Clock $3.00   by infinity

Digital clock is made using Flash CS3 and ActionScript 2.0 There are two clocks: (white clock, black clock) 2 sales

360 degree product viewer

360 degree product viewer $5.00 by infinity

This is a static 360 degree product preview. The first frame is the preloader, then the next frame contains the contents of the 360 degree product(next button, previous button, photos movie ... 5 sales

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