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Games for websites, flash games, javascript games, breakout, tetris, minesweeper, etc...

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Memory Card Game

Memory Card Game $15.00   by Flashiccio

Memory Card Game is structured in 5 levels of difficulty, 4 cards, 6 cards, 12 cards, 24 cards, and for fans of the game has been developed to a level 36 cards. In each level there is the co ... 14 sales

Fruit harvester

Fruit harvester $10.00 by zhuomalily

Fruit Rain Thank you for downloading! FEATURES: It is very interesting game. It is AS3.0 Version. It can display all kinds of fruit ... 4 sales

Signa Chess

Signa Chess $10.00   by signa

Signa Chess 3 sales

Song Game

Song Game $3.00 by inthel

SongGame --- This is a simple game - just try to catch the falling balls using arrow keys Changes you can made: * you can change the balls speed * you can change number of balls Gr ... 3 sales

Matching card game

Matching card game $10.00 by overmind69

This is a matching card games. Only 2 card can be open at the same time. When both open card are the same, the will remove the card from the stage. if not, card will turn back to normal. the ... 7 sales

Elope from the ball Flash Game

Elope from the ball Flash Game $5.00   by haydar14

This is a simple flash game created with flash cs6 , as3. Move the mouse to elope from the bounced coin . Take the dice , every 3 dices , a bounced coin is added to stage (the speed increa ... 1 sales

Galaga Inspired Game or Scrolling Shooter Game Template

Galaga Inspired Game or Scrolling Shoo ... $12.00 by arc600

The idea is that one can use the game as is, or use it as a template to make their own scrolling shooter type game. Instructions are included which explain how to swap out the following gra ... 5 sales

Tetris Flash Game

Tetris Flash Game $6.00 by simonza

Almost standard 1 sales

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