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Product colors changing

Product colors changing $5.00 by infinity

This file created in Flash 8 and Flash CS3 with Action Script 2.0 This is an excellent color tool for your product. You can add each image color in the file each in a separate layer bu ... 1 sales

Product Banner with XML

Product Banner with XML $7.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.as3.0. 2.xml driven. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. set style throught xml files. link to open a new window. Use Method: just edit xml file. 7 sales

Product Display Scroller Panner 01

Product Display Scroller Panner 01 $10.00 by FLASHTORY

This is a brand new product from Flashtory. It can be easily transformed only by editing the .xml variables into a: * 2D Display Panel * Panning Tool * Horizontal or Vertical Scroller ... 5 sales

Dynamic Product details

Dynamic Product details $4.00 by infinity

Dynamic Product details for your site Created using Flash CS3 and Action Script 2.0 You can add as many images as you want. You can add product details (image, title, small details, ... 4 sales

Product xml point details

Product xml point details $5.00   by infinity

Product xml point details is made in Flash CS3 and actionScript 2.0 The red points on the car (product) is buttons each with name, This name is (point1, point2, point3, …etc). This bu ... 6 sales

Elegant Product Gallery

Elegant Product Gallery $3.00   by famousbook

You can place Complete info of product and also link to product description. Features: - Change Pause time; - Change the menu box width; - Change the menu box height; - Change the m ... 8 sales

Product Viewer

Product Viewer $9.00   by adrianTNT

Display product images on your site; with thumbnails, preloaders, click sounds, fade effect, etc. It can display jpg, swf, gif, png, etc. Paths to images and other optons can be set by th ... 2 sales

Unlimited Loop Product View

Unlimited Loop Product View $9.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. 2.simple,easy. set show width,height jpg,gif,png,swf files item shows loop. add link,information,image. 4 sales

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