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3D Metalic Rotating Numbers

3D Metalic Rotating Numbers $6.00   by patrickjanse ...

3-Dimensional 360 degree rotating chrome metal numbers. Includes numbers from 0 to 10, in four different fill options, one outline wireframe and three different quality fill models. In the p ... 2 sales

Rotating Menu

Rotating Menu $8.00 by BF-Designs

A cool and easy to implement rotating menu. All the parameters, URLs and targets can be very easy customized in the XML. The file also includes a section where the parameters can be live upd ... 0 sales


3D ROTATING GALLERY $16.00   by enricob

3D ROTATING GALLERY is an advanced images gallery written in ActionScript3 and Papervision 3d , driven by XML. You can use it on your HTML page or in your flash project. Editing XML fi ... 2 sales

SpinGlobe3D rotating planet Earth

SpinGlobe3D rotating planet Earth $3.00   by scriptonomy

SpinGlobe3D is a self-contained resizable component that takes two parameters, speed and size. You can easily embed SpinGlobe3D in your HTML page via SWFObject and FlashVars. No Flash knowle ... 3 sales

Rotating 3D Image Cube Menu

Rotating 3D Image Cube Menu $8.00   by msnegi98

This is an XML based AS3 Rotating 3D Cubical Navigational Menu with optional URL linking through XML file. Each face can have its own link and link target window. If required, height / width ... 11 sales

24 Image Rotating 3D Cube Menu

24 Image Rotating 3D Cube Menu $15.00 by msnegi98

3D XML driven rotating cubical menu with support of up to 24 images and optional links. Requires Flash CS3 / CS4 and above / Actionscript 3.0 (AS3) to edit the source fla files. Key Featu ... 1 sales

Rotating Globe for banners and Presentations

Rotating Globe for banners and Present ... $3.00   by muzaffart

Rotating Globe for banners and Presentations. It is easy editable: color dimension. 1 sales

XML gallery with rotating moving and resizing images

XML gallery with rotating moving and r ... $5.00 by kvartur

This is a simple XML image gallery with movable, re sizable images. The images are placed in the flash file with random position and rotation. You can move, rotate, and re size the images ... 1 sales

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