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Tree winter

Tree winter $3.00 by henlook

Quiet ambiance of winter nightfall. For decoration of games,nature websites and flash-cartoon backgrounds. Without any code. Runs in loop. HTML5 version included.AS2, AS3. 2 sales

Olympic torch

Olympic torch $3.00 by henlook

Runner carying an olympic torch. Simple loop animation for banners,new-tickers, doesn´t contain any code. Shadow and background are on separate layers,can be easy removed. Only drag a ... 4 sales

We move

We move $4.00 by henlook

Do you change your location? Let´s everyone to know about it! Just add the new address in the card on the end of the clip, export it and send. The animation doesn´t contain any code, b ... 5 sales


Date $4.00 by henlook

Waiting for the loved person seems to last many light years and it can really hurt. Can be send as a funny invitation for the date, not only on Valentine´s Day. Used font Deftone Stylus i ... 1 sales

Pendulum Animation

Pendulum Animation $3.00 by henlook

Since i red ,,The pit and the pendulum,, from E.A. Poe i have this image in front of my eyes. Maybe an useful sequence for someone who makes games,websites,backgrounds or preloaders with ... 1 sales

Chalk outlines

Chalk outlines $4.00 by henlook

A chalk drawing from someone who didn´t have too much luck. Flashing police light is on separate layer,can be removed. Grey background can be replaced by texture of asphalt,grass or oth ... 1 sales

Love is blind

Love is blind $3.00 by henlook

Problem of all lovers, which can´t be solved with the visit at the ocularist. Simple E-card,can be send on Valentines Day, but also yearly. All sounds are free. Used font protection.ttf ... 2 sales

Lotus flower

Lotus flower $3.00 by henlook

The opening lotus flower on the water. Designed and animated in Cinema4D, colored in Flash. Flash CS3 and Flash 8 included. Wide usability of this smooth animation for banners, preloaders ... 4 sales

Hammer and nails

Hammer and nails $3.00 by henlook

4 standalone animations of a hammer hitting the nail. Usable not only for craftmanship and apprentice banners and websites but also as a symbol of experience and finding solution. With t ... 1 sales

Airplane Take Off Animation

Airplane Take Off Animation $4.00 by henlook

Airplane at take off on evening. Suitable for all kinds of air-topic designs and animations. Animated in Cinema 4D,light effects added in Flash. Flash CS3 and Flash 8 included. 5 sales


mosquito $3.00 by henlook

Funny mosquito animation in cartoon style. Usable for games,preloaders, websites-eyecatcher or banners for insecticide chemical producers. 4 sales

Door Animation

Door Animation $3.00 by henlook

Key opens the door. Simple animation fits for banners for real-estate agencies and developers as a ,,welcome to your new home,, invitation. Background behind the opened door is transpar ... 2 sales


butterfly $3.00 by henlook

Three standalone animations of flying and sitting european peacock butterfly. Fits to cosmetic,fashion floriculture and garden websites as a elegant eyecatcher. Shadows are transparent ... 2 sales

Iron Man Flash Animation

Iron Man Flash Animation $4.00 by henlook

Ironing iron man - ironic and funny ecard flash animation for all perfect husbands and partners ;) Font Metal Lord is free. Note : the file contains also another version of this animato ... 0 sales


easter $4.00 by henlook

Hen and rabbit at easter-eggs production. Cartoon ecard for easter days. 2 sales

rail animation

rail animation $5.00   by henlook

3D -like animation of driving on the rails in two variants: Black and white animation - 10 kb - symbolic and simple graphic for banners Color animation - 40 kb - complex scene for games-i ... 6 sales

tree spring

tree spring $3.00 by henlook

Full-blown tree in spring season. For decoration of games,nature websites and flash-cartoon backgrounds. Background separated 2 sales

oil peak

oil peak $3.00 by henlook

Oil dropping from an empty barrel. Both of barrels and the cars are usable separately. 1 sales


bankrupt $3.00 by henlook

A bank house colapses into the rubble.Two animations,one with the title ,,debts,, on the end. Possible to use for any financial web-events, banners,tickers and news. 0 sales


snowbound $3.00 by henlook

A desperate man trying to liberate his house from snow flood. For some people just a joke,for another a cruel reality. Fits as a ticker for weather news, banner for snow-plough producers ... 7 sales

tree summer

tree summer $3.00 by henlook

Set of three various trees in summer season. For decoration of games,nature websites and flash-cartoon backgrounds. Each plant is standalone movieclip,backround,shadows and additional anim ... 3 sales

vultures animation

vultures animation $3.00 by henlook

Swarm of vultures circling in the sky. The last sight of many unsuccesful desert travellers. Sky background easy to remove. Fits as a preloader or screensaver for webs with desert themes ... 3 sales


tennis $3.00 by henlook

Two young boys playing tennis.Loop animation,usable for banners or preloaders for tennis-clubs or as support-animation for holiday resorts websites. 2 sales


footprint $3.00 by henlook

Five animations of footprints on the ground. Each animation is standalone movieclip and can be used separately. 5 sales

Crawling Baby Animation

Crawling Baby Animation $3.00 by henlook

Crawling baby in three various skin-colours. Each child is standalone movieclip and can be used individual. Shadow on separate layer can be easy removed. 4 sales

love hurts

love hurts $4.00 by henlook

Sometimes seems the love to be hard for everyone - not only for last romantics. E-card, which can be send on Valentines Day, but also yearly. For users who dont´t like the pink and red V ... 3 sales

stork with baby

stork with baby $3.00 by henlook

Stork carying a newborn baby.The most important delivery service in the world ;) 3 sales

Halloween night

Halloween night $3.00 by henlook

Romantic scene of the Halloween night. All animated elements can be used separately. 3 sales

cat eyes

cat eyes $3.00 by henlook

Mystic cat eyes blinking. For Halloween cards and cat websites. Background separated. 2 sales


clock $3.00 by henlook

Do you hate that alarm clock on early morning too? This is the definitive solution. Fits to banners with holidays and time topics. 2 sales


blot $3.00 by henlook

Ooops!...color drops and just we have a blot.Please use any usual wash-powder. 4 sales

pigi bank

pigi bank $3.00 by henlook

A small pig-money-bank chased by hammer,usable for banners with financial topics. 1 sales

fizz bath

fizz bath $3.00 by henlook

Animated toast as invitation to all kind of celebrations. Cheerio! 2 sales


house $3.00 by henlook

Hand-drawn stylized sketch of a family house,fits for banners for real-estate and developing agencies. 1 sales

blood drops

blood drops $3.00 by henlook

Loop of blood dropping from above. 2 sales

tree autumn

tree autumn $3.00 by henlook

Quiet ambiance of fall-afternoon. Usable for ecards and game backgrounds.Change the leaf-color is easy, layers with different leaf-colors are separated,animation and background too. 2 sales

Truck Flash Animation

Truck Flash Animation $3.00 by henlook

Truck Flash Animation. Driving truck in a comic style, usable for flash games, flash films or websites with building theme. 2 sales

manager stressed

manager stressed $3.00 by henlook

Busy manager running for his new job. 2 sales

Under Construction Flash Animation

Under Construction Flash Animation $4.00 by henlook

Cartoon animation for so very loved "websites under construction". Loop completed with 6 animations it can be used as eye catcher for the user by visit of an unfinished webpage. Animations ... 11 sales


tractor $3.00   by henlook

Driving tractor for websites with agricultural,agroturistic and farm-living topics as well as for games and banners. The tractor is a standalone MovieClip, has 14 kb and can be used separ ... 4 sales

happybirthday shot

happybirthday shot $3.00 by henlook

Explosion of a shot filled with chads and fallig text. The falling text is a standalone movie clip,can be removed and the animation used for Happy New Year or another celebration. Also ... 4 sales

Desert cactus animation

Desert cactus animation $3.00 by henlook

Standalone static cactus with rolling tumbleweed, an ideal decoration for flash games or banner with tex-mex and desert topics. 3 sales

money rain

money rain $3.00 by henlook

Loop of falling money,fits to banners and websites with games for payment, online casinos and winning award messages. 3 sales

Bus Animation

Bus Animation $3.00 by henlook

Bus driving on the road trough the mountain landscape. Usable for travel agencies and transport and ticket-reservation companies,logo of them can be scaled and placed on the right side of ... 7 sales

santa sleigh animation

santa sleigh animation $3.00 by henlook

Complete animation of santa driving his sleigh with reindeers trough the winter landscape.For any kind of Xmas ecard,xmas shopping invitation or just for fun. 11 sales