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SV Advanced XML Rotaror

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user svcreation Bysvcreation


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Advanced XML Rotator. You can place Punch line text anywhere on the banner and also link to text with sliding Text.


- Change Pause time;
- Change the menu box width;
- Change the menu box height;
- Change the menu Visibility;
- Menu Direction;
- Menu Position x;
- Menu Position y;
- Menu spacing;
- Menu Border Color;
- Menu BG Color;
- Menu Roll Over Color;
- Menu Over BG Color;
- Photo x Position;
- Photo y Position;
- Text x Position;
- Text y Position;
- Text area width;
- File support .swf, jpg, png, gif file include;
- Font color, size, Text link.

For any question please leave a comment.

Keywords: Xml  bannr  banner  rotator  xml  Slideshow  Banner  Rotator  transition  image  loader  aires  vinicius  flash  news 


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user kharmachanic
kharmachanic purchased this file 10 years ago

Two more things.
can I make two streams of text fly in on one graphic and if so .. one from each side towards the middle
and is it possible to make it fly in from the top or the bottom?
Thanks again

user kharmachanic
kharmachanic purchased this file 10 years ago

yeah ok I went all goofy there.
It currently flies in from the right to the left..
how do I make it go from left to right?
thats better. or is THAT possible ..

user kharmachanic
kharmachanic purchased this file 10 years ago

Nice package, just downloaded it and worked like a champ..
Question, how do I make the text Fly in form the right to the left instead of the right to the left? Or is that possible
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

user infinity
infinity didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

hello adrash,

The file is come with xml file that's you can add as many images as you can

The second two questions I don't know about them

user adarsh111
adarsh111 didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Can I have my own images and text for each image and how many images can I add?
Can I show or hide the play and pause controls?
Can I show or hide the buttons with the slides numbers


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