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Customizable Vertical Dynamic XML Menu v1

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Customizable multi levels vertical menu with xml settings.

- Customizable sizes/padding/colors/opacity/fonts by XML edit
- Any number of main menu items
- Any number of sub menu items
- Small size ONLY 5 kb swf
- HTML tags in menu items and title (i,b,strong,font face color size etc.)
- Can open URLs or call any internal functions (with any arguments) in your Flash project
- URLs target support
- Easy copy to your AS2 flash project (video tutorial included)
- Few menus can be pasted in one flash project (each menu have own xml file)
- Can be used as part of website or AS2 flash project

All you need to do it's add menu to your project and set xml file

Main XML setting:
- Title
- Main background menu color in RRGGBB format
- Main background menu alpha
- Sub background menu color in RRGGBB format
- Sub background menu alpha
- Menu width
- Menu items vertical padding
- Bottom height

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