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Animated Swirl Buttons

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user clearvibes Byclearvibes


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 2.0.
These easy to use buttons start a swirl animation on rollover. When you rollout the swirl will fade out.

This file contains the fallowing 4 variations:

- Button with 2 swirls (One on top, one on the bottom)
- Button with 1 swirl
- Button without a swirl
- Button with static swirls

How to use:

- Open the Source File and copy the button you want. Paste it into your own project file.
- Double click the button and add your Action for the onRelease state inside the AS Layer.
- Apply a color adjustment layer to the button if you want to change the color.

Have fun!

Keywords: button  floral  swirl  animation  animated  cool  menu  AS2 


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user clearvibes
clearvibes the listing author 10 years ago

Hi chromereaper, I don't exactly understand your problem. Don't they work correctly? The buttons are built like they are, with the swirl coming out of the button. They are not ment to be closer together as you can see in the preview... Or do you want them closer and the swirl overlaping?

user chromereaper
chromereaper purchased this file 10 years ago

But im not pleased with it...
I wanted to use it as a menu-button, but I can't do that because they're cutting each other if i put them closer together...what can I do? ;(

user chromereaper
chromereaper purchased this file 10 years ago

Great work man!
I gonna buy it =)

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