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XML World Map with Custom List of Countries

XML World Map with Custom List of Countries - click for preview
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user LazaI ByLazaI


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This is 100% vector world map easily customizable via XML.
It could be used for corporates to present company branches etc. or for presenting statistic e.g. world richest and poorest countries etc. or simply for pointing countries of Your interest.
You can organize countries of interest in groups, assign every group a header and/or color.
You can zoom in and zoom out certain country and move inside map with the buttons for navigation.
You don't need any ActionScript knowledge to adjust it to your needs.

Following features are editable via XML:
- list of countries belonging to the continent (for countries extending over two continents You can choose to which continent country belongs to, e.g. Russia could belong to Europe or Asia)
- color of the continents
- background color under continents
- color of the countries outline
- properties of the countries rollover text (font family, font size, font color, align, background color)
- countries of interest could be organized in groups
- group header name could be assigned
- x and y position of the header, relatively to the background container (0,0 is a top left corner of the background rectangle)
- links (url) assigned to the countries
- color of the countries belonging to the certain group
- rollover color for the countries of interest
- properties for the countries labels (font family, font size, font color, font rollover color, distance of first label from header, distance between labels)
- properties for the background shape of the countries labels:
- color
- transparency
- left padding (right padding assumed to be same as left padding)
- top padding (bottom padding assumed to be same as top padding)
- x and y position (relatively to the top movie clip containing all elements)
- outline properties (thickness, color, transparency, pixel hinting, no scale, caps style)
- color for the navigation buttons (zoom in, zoom out, move left, right, up or down, button for showing and hiding list of countries)

Number of groups and number of countries can differ in every flash movie so height of the flash movie is automatically adapting inside HTML page.

Instructions included (Readme.txt)

Keywords: world  map  xml  resizable  zoom  moving  countries  list  vector  customizable 


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user LazaI
LazaI the listing author 1 decade ago

Countries shown on the map are internationally recognized sovereign states and list is resumed from ereign_states.
I felt the need to follow some acknowledged reference.
In a source file anyone can easily organize countries due to their needs. Instructions are inside Readme.txt file.

user papaone
papaone didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Nice tool but you have Greenland labelled as Denmark. Greenland is a part of Denmark but many miles away. I wouldn't like anyone end up in the wrong airport.

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