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Flash Fx 3

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Flash version: 11, ActionScript 2.0.
The cool flash effect, you will never see it anywhere else. Made in After Effects and brought inside Flash to give you a decent and highly optimized special Fx design elements.

Possible uses in Intro, product demos, credits, and other places where things are going to appear for the first time on screen.

This Fx series will equip you with that additional effects nobody else can or ever use. Get the cutting edge Flash Fx.

What is Flash Fx:
This is a clip made using After Effects and then bringing it in Flash to create a flash file. The clips are really usefull in making those beautiful rollover effects on buttons, for banners, as backdrop for any product and many more. Your imagination is the only limitation.

How To Use:
Open the .fla file in Flash Editor. Double click the movieclip on the stage. You will see a sequence of keyframes. Add or remove keyframes to change the speed of the clip.

Keywords: Flash  Photographic  Effects  special  fx  Computer  Graphic  Digitally  Generated  Image 


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