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Iterium Resizable Horizontal Gallery w Scroller this listing is admin's pick

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
The Iterium Resizable Gallery is highly customizable from the xml file and it will resize to any dimension.
It is based on the Horizontal Motion Blur Scroller and in the xml you will also have the scroller's settings.

Customize from XML:
- the width and height of the gallery -> totalWidth="800" totalHeight="600"
- toggle fullscreen on or off, if it's off then the gallery will resize using the totalWidth and totalHeight value, if not it will resize to the total width and height of the stage -> fullscreen="on"
- inside the gallery the picture will resize by ratio and it will take into consideration the scroller's mask height and the title bg height and another four values -> topDistance="20" bottomDistance="20" leftDistance="20" rightDistance="20"
- you can also modify the image stroke size and the description stroke size -> imageStrokeSize="4" descriptionStrokeSize="4"

Keywords: iterium  gallery  flashtory  unlimitted  scroller  horizontal  motion  blur  resizable  fullscreen 


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user mnarlock
mnarlock purchased this file 1 decade ago

I have an issue with the *.fla's that were provided. I'm trying to erase the background images so that they're transparent. That's easy enough to do. However, I noticed that even just recompiling the provided *.flas without making changes removes the title of the slide that appears in the upper left in the blue bar. The swf's that come with the download all have them, but the swfs generated by the accompanying *.flas do not.

user picassoo
picassoo didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

nicew galery

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