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2010 Christmas CountDown with Snow only at this listing is admin's pick

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user aven_qian Byaven_qian


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
Product Features:
2.XML Driven.
3.Support set target year,month,day,hour,minute etc…
4.Time switch flip Effect.
5.Snow effect.

Keywords: as3  xml  driven  year  month  day  flip  effect  snow  countdown  christmas 


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user aven_qian
aven_qian the listing author 1 decade ago

A strange,Here can't open your link.
Can you send me your html code throught my mail.Then I will help you check.May be your html code error.

user johnod
johnod purchased this file 1 decade ago


I don't have it working yet

Could you help with my usage:

I uploaded data.xml and main.swf to: /uploads/data.xml

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.102" movie="/wp-content/uploads/main.swf" width="390" height="200" targetclass="flashmovie"]<img src=" download_buttons/get_flash_player.gif" alt="Get Adobe Flash player" fvars="xml= wp-content/uploads/data.xml" />

also 2 suggestions: maybe you could add an xml parameter to change 1) background color and 2) "'till Christmas" text

Big John

user aven_qian
aven_qian the listing author 1 decade ago

Thanks,I had done.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

@aven_qian: startign today we have a category called "Holiday Related", if you want to move yours in that category, then go to "edit listing". Is up to you.

user zhangling
zhangling didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Really beautiful! like it.

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