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Touch-Slide Classic Gallery 2.0 only at this listing is admin's pick

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user uberTof ByuberTof


Flash version: 11, ActionScript 3.0.
ATTENTION: This file is configurable by external XML file and comes without fla source file.

This premium Flash gallery navigates photos and video like a modern touch-screen device. All you do is swipe and the next photo slides into place. It comes with everything you need to get started: HTML page, JavaScript embed code, XML and photos ready to go! All you have to do is add your photos and update the xml file via any text editor of your choice.

Great for showcasing photography portfolios!
There is no other gallery like this on the web!

- built to work with flash-enabled touch screen devices
- mouse-wheel and keyboard navigation
- load photos (jpg, png, gif)
- load videos (flv, f4v, mp4, m4v, m4a, mov, 3gp, 3gpp) (see for more details)
- fullscreen (supports hardware acceleration)
- slideshow
- motion blur
- XML-driven
- HTML-enabled photo descriptions
- efficient Bitmap rendering (produces fast frame rates with much lower CPU usage than you would expect from what this Flash widget accomplishes)

- resizable (you can set slide width and height as well as thumbnail width and height)
- ability to turn off each individual graphic overlay (title, description, slide number, etc...)
- ability to add a hyperlink to each slide (link shows up under slide description)
- set slide show speed

- 'dataURL' variable will override the default path to the gallery XML

- a ZIP file with: SWF, HTML, JS, XML and sample photos

- does not include FLA or any source code
- requires Flash Player 10 or higher to view properly
- only 16:9 ratio video is supported. Any other ratio will be skewed to fit 16:9

Keywords: photo  gallery  touch-screen  touch-slide  video  slide  show  xml 


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user milady
milady purchased this file 8 years ago

hello! another question. Is there a particular type of video file that it prefers? my .mov is coming out with no sound and my mp4 with no video but sound instead *lol* thanks!

user milady
milady purchased this file 8 years ago

Hello! I love this so much I took the step and bought it (never bought anything on here before). I'm trying to get it to load into another flash file, is there a trick to this? or should it work as any other swf would? Thanks!

user webemsegundos
webemsegundos didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Hi uberTof,

You need unprotect name "Touch-Slide" to be changed, unlock thumbnails to hide/unhide with mouseover, and put the hand mouse pointer (like a link) for thumbnails...
If translate is already on xml, will be more easy to us.
And yes, I will buy with this things.

user uberTof
uberTof the listing author 9 years ago

The sliding mechanism is something I want to protect. I consider it highly innovative and unique as far as Flash galleries go on the web. Also, the gallery contains over 3,600 lines of code in about 45 external document and component classes. Can you see why I excluded the FLA and code?

*Maybe* I will do this: What if I did provide the FLA and only necessary source code to publish? You could add or rearrange things to your liking. Would you guys consider buying then?

user Kmax
Kmax didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

I like this gallery, good job:-) I have to say that i also would not buy without the original fla to modify if needed.

Keep up the good work though:-)

user pcos
pcos didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Hello uberTof,
Like your product v. much but have to agree with webemsegundos.

Without the .fla, I won't buy a Flash product either.

Good Luck.

user uberTof
uberTof the listing author 9 years ago

Well, I can't please everyone, but I can aim to please the majority which understands English.

user webemsegundos
webemsegundos didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Hi uberTof,
I understand that when we create a product, we want to establish his name. But here is a selling site, from developers for other developers, so do not make much sense to buy something, and do not have the fla file, we still have to be showing a name that is not in our language. For many sites in Brazil, the name Touch-Slide will confuse rather than help. Think about it.

user uberTof
uberTof the listing author 9 years ago

@webemsegundos That language.xml is not a bad idea... thanks. But I can't commit to making that change any time soon. "Touch-Slide" is not an option to change since it is the brand name I came up with.

The copyright is just a watermark to show they are my photos. When you add your own photos it won't be there.

user webemsegundos
webemsegundos didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Hi uberTof, thanks for fast answer.

About other languages, if you put all words and texts in language.xml file, it will be more simple, hun? Each user can configure language changing only one file. But need be every word, including "Touch-Slide".
Other question: if I buy your swf, the signature @2011 Tof in each image will disappear, right?

user uberTof
uberTof the listing author 9 years ago

@webemsegundos I wish I could accomodate other languages, but it would be a lot of work for me.

- Yes, HTML Flashvars work. Use 'dataURL' for the XML path.
- Fullscreen is triggered by right-clicking and selecting "Go Fullscreen" from the menu OR pressing the 'F' key.
- There is a property in the settings.xml that can keep the title, description on the screen w/out fading.
- Thumbnails stay visible always.

Thanks for the questions. I tried to make it flexible, but had to limit certain features to make it easier on me to code and maintain.

user webemsegundos
webemsegundos didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Im from Brazil... I liked your gallery, but I want to change language of every word like swipe to navigate... Is it possible?

About external xml, is it configurable in html flashvars? I develop using php/mysql, and need a different xml for each page/gallery of my website.

About fullscreen, where are the button? About title, description, its only appears if user double-click, need appears when user swipe...

Last question: about thumbnails, is possible desappear when mouse out of flash??

Good job.

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