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XML gallery with rotating moving and resizing images

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user kvartur Bykvartur


Flash version: 11, ActionScript 3.0.
This is a simple XML image gallery with movable, re sizable images.
The images are placed in the flash file with random position and rotation.
You can move, rotate, and re size the images by clicking and dragging them.
You can place as many images you want by changing the XML file content.
It contains a math for resolving the registration point problem in ActionScript3. The registration point of a

Movie Clip cannot be set to the center of the Movie Clip. If you want to move an object loaded from an XML

file, you have to use math formulas to rotate this object around his center.
The code calculates the center of the Movie Clip and moves, rotates the Movie Clip by moving real-time the

reference point (upper left corner) of the Movie Clip.

Keywords: xml  gallery  images  rotate  rotating  move  moving  resize  resizing  r  ndynamic 


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