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Clean 2 Level Menu with Deeplinking AS3 01 this listing is admin's pick

Clean 2 Level Menu with Deeplinking AS3 01 - click for preview

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
An important component for your website. Control the contents of your website or even send gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop commands to the main timeline. Load swfs as your modules or redirect the users to another location. Resizeable and very easy to use!


- close the black bar on top the preview page (if any) to let the menu make use of the deep linking feature
- use the support forum for posting questions
This is a 2 level menu with deeplinking and autohide. The component is resizeable, you can set gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, load a swf of open url actions for each item. Using the load swf action helps you build your own mini website in no time. The loaded swfs will auto center according to the stage dimensions .
You can add/remove menu items or submenu items by simply modifying the xml file.
Settings you will find in the xml file:

- positioning: up or down
- deeplinking addresses and windows titles for each item
- set the click action: gotoAndStop, gotoAndPlay, loadSwf or link
- menu items height, text fields’ colors (roll out, roll over and selected state)
- default selected item
The code is commented and the help file is provided in the package.

Enjoy this new release from Flashtory !

Keywords: xml  menu  swf  deeplinking  swfaddress  gotoAndPlay  gotoAndStop  url  load  colors  2  level  navigation  customizable  resize  as3  description  dynamic  flashtory  clean  elegant  settings 


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