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SWF and Image Viewer

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user Mahi ByMahi


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
*XML Driven.
*Unlimited Images/swf can be added
*Simple and Slick Design.
*Help File Included.
*Flash8 & CS3 File included.

This is a Nice carousel gallery with Description on every image/swf. This Gallery is fully XML Driven. It allows you to show all type of images like jpg, png.
Image size should not be less than 575x370 px.
You can also include SWF file in this gallery.
Just you have to do that open the XML file in any XML editor like notepad and change the image/swf name.

From XML you can also Change the Description for

One more thing , You can add unlimited number of images and swf in this gallery.
Just copy/paste the any line in XML and change the Image/SWF name. also include the same image/swf in image folder.

All the best

Keywords: Unlimited  Image  gallery  swf  viewer  xml  png  driven  carousel 


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user Dimitris73
Dimitris73 didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

I think there's a bug in this file: Say you click a few times to the right images and then click back to the first. If you click on the 2nd image again, you have the 3rd image displayed instead of the 2nd. Can this be fixed?

user teabag
teabag didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hi, this looks like a very cool app. Can you change the color of the background easily? is fwf the only format supported for video?

user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 1 decade ago

Hello thescraplady

Good morning to you.
But just to inform you that here the current time is evening 9:30 pm.
I have seen your blog.
Can you please tell me that, do you have the access of uploading and downloading the files in server through FTP .
Because this gallery have image folder and script folder. Due to this you have to upload main image viewer SWF with all necessary folder(its necessary to upload all file and folder which I have provided to you.).

Now the next question's answer:
Yes, you can add more then one viewer in single HTML page.
To do that you have to edit the .fla code and XML code.
If you really need this one, I will help you.

If you having more problem, feel free to ask me.


user thescraplady
thescraplady purchased this file 1 decade ago

Good morning! Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail--I really appreciate it!

To answer your question, I will ask another question :) Is adding it to the html page the only way to add the viewer?

Mahi, I have created several blogs and tire of having to scroll down and down for people to view the pictures (I set the blogs up mostly as a photo blog). As I mentioned, I'm really a novice, however, I have altered the html page alot to make adjustments, change the backgrounds, etc. But I have never done anything like this before--so, I'm asking your advice on what you think I could have the best results with as well as being able to easily add additional photos, etc. Below is a blog that I just set up yesterday -- I would like to put the viewer at the top:

[external link removed by admin]

Also, am I allowed to put the viewer more than once on the blog? I was thinking that maybe I could have a couple of different ones to depict a different photo album? Again, just a thought.

Again, I apologize for the lack of experience, however, I would need you to break the instructions down for me a little.

Again, Mahi, thank you for your assistance.



user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 1 decade ago

Hello thescraplady

Do you want to add this gallery into your HTML page ?

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