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User ratings for REAL 3D CAROUSEL V2.

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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.

Highly customizable Carousel gallery with mirror effect. XML driven images. This can be embed in a HTML file or used in one of your Flash projects. The cool thing about this Carousel is that it can be auto aligned to be center of the stage, or at a fixed position without touching the code.

This is the first 3D Carousel on FlashComponents made entirely in Flash CS4 that is moving in a real 3D space, to understand what I mean open the second sample and use the keyboard arrows to move and rotate in 3D space.This Carousel uses the new 3D features from Flash Player 10 and I have to say that is amazing that we can do this now just with Flash without a 3D engine.

This version rotates the Carousel by pressing a right or left arrow with the mouse.


- image_width - the thumb(image) width
- image_height - the thumb(image) height
- radius - the radius of the Carousel
- rotation_speed - the maximum rotation speed
- offset_title_y - with this you can offset the y position of image description, this way you can fine tune it
- offset_arrows_x - with this you can offset the x position of the arrows, this way you can fine tune it
- offset_arrows_y - with this you can offset the x position of the arrows, this way you can fine tune it
- resize_to_stage - auto position the Carousel, if is "yes" the Carousel will auto position based on the stage width and height else it will stay at the original position
- enable_keyboard - this enables the keyboards for moving in 3D space (this is just for demonstration, but if you want you can still use it)
- image_path - the path of the image
- URL_to_open and target - the URL that will open when one of the images is pressed and the target
- description - a short description for the image.

Note: This project contains some cool functions for z sorting so you can reuse some of the code for your one projects, also the code is saved in external classes following the MVC pattern.

Keywords: carousel  xml  driven  resizable  adjustable  as  3  0  image  photo 


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user bakerlane
bakerlane purchased this file 1 decade ago

Hi i have just purchaced this flash program i want to add another catagory how do i do that...
regards mike

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 1 decade ago

Send me a message at this email and I will help you set it up.

user AndyJamesMagic
AndyJamesMagic purchased this file 1 decade ago

Hi there,

Have bought your V2 carousel however I am having trouble getting started, could you send me a more in depth help doc, or some tips on loading my images to the carousel then where the finished HTML code will be for me to upload to my website.

Andy James.

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