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user clipdepelicula Byclipdepelicula


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
- To change the music you must modify the variable "" at first frame
- Fade in/out music

Keywords: mp3  media  song  music  as2  player  equalizer 


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user BaTWING2000
BaTWING2000 purchased this file 1 decade ago

App is useless for a subtle embedded background music on/off control that you wanna put in the corner of your page. Wasted $15 on this site for nothing. Sorry clipdepelicula, I'm not happy.

user linux4all
linux4all purchased this file 1 decade ago

Hi, its me again :) If I have two separate players on the same html page, do you know if I can stop the first player (music1.swf) when clicking on the second player (music2.swf) in the html code or in the flash for each one? Or do I need to build them together in flash and place them as one .swf on the html page? I have tried many settings in the html generated by flash, but no success so far. Thanks for your patience. I rated you all stars for your player and for your help.

user linux4all
linux4all purchased this file 1 decade ago

Thank you. I can't believe it was so easy and I missed how to do it. Sometimes when learning new programs, it is easy to miss the most obvious things.

user clipdepelicula
clipdepelicula the listing author 1 decade ago

open the equalizer movieclip and modify the variable -> _global.mus = 0;

user linux4all
linux4all purchased this file 1 decade ago

how do i make this not automatically start playing the song? I would like the user to have to click on it first. Nothing I tried seems to work, but I am a newbie, so I may just be missing something. Please help.

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