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Titanium White Video Player V.3

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Titanium White Player V.3


It plays any kind of video file that Flash Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V), YouTube and Stream Videos. The code is very clean and it's easy to customize the player's design.
Supports MPEG-4 standard container files that contain video and audio H.264 / AAC encoded including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, FLV.

1.Right Side Scrollable playlist with thumbnail preview with infinite limit and Name and duration property.
2.Information text about video is shown on click of info button.
3.Left Click on the Video play/pause it.

4.Controlbar Options-:
3.scrollable seek bar.
4.FLV time duration.
5.Mute button.
6.Volume Control.
7.Fullscreen button.
8.Information about video button.

5.Right Click Options-:
1.Play/Pause option.
3.Mute Volume.
4.Video Size Options-:
2.Normal Size.
3.Double Size.
4.Exact Fit.
1.Unlimited videos can be put.
2.Thumbnail preview of 50x40 px .jpg image.
3.Tolltip showing the name of movie.

7.Sharing Options-:
1.Link to Video option.
2.Embed video options.
3.Send sharing link to your friend.

---How to use ---
Just paste all the files .swf, .js, .xml, and thumb folder in the same location.
Note: Just enable the fullscreen option in the .html file as done in index.html page.

-----How To customize XML-------

-------XML preview--------------
<image name="Terminator Salvation" duration="5:00" url ="" thumb="thumb/4.jpg" type="image" info="Terminator Salvation is a prequel to 1984's The Terminator that takes place 34 years after the original."/>

<image name="Simpsons Movie" duration="5:00" url ="" thumb="thumb/5.jpg" type="video" info="Simpsons Movie - Really a good movie and I like it."/>

name="Simpsons Movie" // Give the name of your video or Image.
duration="5:00" // Give the duration of video
url ="" // Give the url of your movie or Image.
thumb="thumb/1.jpg" // Give url the of thumbnail of 50x40 pixel jpg image.
info="Nice Movie" // Give the information about video.

<setting swf_url=""/> // Give URL of the player.swf (necessary for sharing option).
<setting page_url = ""/> // Give URL of the html page in which player is used.(necessary for sharing option).
<setting first_video_image = "thumb/start.jpg"/> // Give URL of the image of the first video of the playlist for preview purpose.


Keywords: video  player  YouTube  FLV  H  264  MP4  M4V  M4A  MOV  Mp4v 


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heavy stuff .

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