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Goldendust Mouse Effect

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user Flashdream ByFlashdream


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Goldendust Mouse Effect is an incredible flash effect

that creates goldendust effect on your mouse move.

Fully resizable and custumizable.

Keywords: flash  effects  mouse 


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user subolga
subolga purchased this file 9 years ago

I guess I managed, in Properties of Golden Dust Movie. Anyway thank you for great help and good luck to you!

user subolga
subolga purchased this file 9 years ago

So cool, now it is ok! Thanks a lot for so detailed instruction! everything is clear. Also one more question (as soon as you are so kind :) - is it possible to change size of backgroung image? I chose other one, my own image for bg; with Ctrl+F3 adjusted to original bg, but still - is it possible to adjust bg to MY image? Thanks again in advance!!!

user Flashdream
Flashdream the listing author 9 years ago

First of all you need to find to panels: from the above tab select
Window->Library and to find Properties from the same tab
above: Window->Properties.The standard position of Library panel and
Properties panel is at the right side in Flash CS5.At the right side
click on the Properties tab.To make sparkle bigger you must select
the spark movie clip in the Library, right click on it and choose Edit.
The width and height of this graphic is small(5.5) and you may not see it.
Press ctrl+A to sellect the graphic and in the Properties you can
change the width and height.
*Note that the spark graphic is in the center of spark movie clip.
You can also select it with the mouse pointer by cliking and draging
the mouse pointer starting from arround the center area.
I hope this will help.

user subolga
subolga purchased this file 9 years ago

Thanks a lot, I managed to change background. Only 1 thing I missed - how to make sparkles more visible, bigger. Followed the instruction in Help file.....maybe there is difference between Flash 8 and Flash CS5? can not find properties where I can change the size...

user Flashdream
Flashdream the listing author 9 years ago

Hi!Thanks for downloading Goldendust Mouse Effect.You need to open the fla
file to make changes with Flash 8 or higher version like Flash CS5.
If you open the fla file you will see to Layers.The first Layer is named
GoldenDust and the second Layer is named Background.Select the Background
Layer by clicking the keyframe of this Layer.Then press Backspace or select Edit->Cut to remove the contents of the Background Layer.
Also you can use the delete key on your keyboard to remove contents.
======================================= =============================
Step 2:Importing your image or other supported file as Background
======================================= =============================
Now that the Background Layer is empty select File->Import to Library
or Imort to Stage to add your image as Background.The image can be
transperanted.If you Import the image to Library than you have to click
on that image in the Library and drag it to Stage,note that the Background
Layer must be selected.If you put your image to the GoldenDust Layer
the effect will not be visible.

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