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Collection 25: BannerRotator

This collection was created by aven_qian 1 decade ago .
Description: This is all good banner rotator for you to use.

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Vertical Banner Rotator

Vertical Banner Rotator $11.00   by aven_qian

Features: 1.as3,xml driven. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. set width,height,radion. set autoplay,autohide,delay time. set thumbnail style,information st ... 10 sales

Unlimited Loop Product View

Unlimited Loop Product View $9.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. 2.simple,easy. set show width,height jpg,gif,png,swf files item shows loop. add link,information,image. 4 sales

Site Head Banner

Site Head Banner $11.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. 2.size just 21.8kb. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. add background image. set width,height,radion,autoplay,delay time etc... htm ... 1 sales

XML Banner v2

XML Banner v2 $9.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. 2.size just 7.49kb. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. set width,height,autoplay,delay time etc. panel support html format and link. 2 sales

Xml Scroll Rotator

Xml Scroll Rotator $12.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. unlimited items. item shows number of scene,default is 5. two kinds of scroll style. the item's link event, through the f ... 4 sales

Product Banner with XML

Product Banner with XML $7.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.as3.0. 2.xml driven. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. set style throught xml files. link to open a new window. Use Method: just edit xml file. 7 sales

Simple Slide Banner

Simple Slide Banner $7.00 by aven_qian

Simple Slide Banner Features: 1.as3,xml driven. scroll image. title show. set all style throught xml files. each image add a link to open new wi ... 4 sales

Smple Banner Rotator v2

Smple Banner Rotator v2 $6.00 by aven_qian

Features: 1.xml driven. 2.size just 6kb. jpeg,gif,png,swf files. set width,height,radion,autoplay,delay time etc... 5.three kinds of effect to choose. Use Method: ... 3 sales

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