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Collection 233: my collection

This collection was created by hehar.channy 9 years ago .
Description: None.

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Kids Coloring Book

Kids Coloring Book $10.00 by ravimarella

The purpose of this application is to paint the images just like the kids paint the paint books. You can load any image supported by flash and color it. 4 sales

Laser 3D

Laser 3D $15.00   by patrickjanse ...

Laser 3D is a component which creates a three dimensional animation by slowly drawing out the outline sides of the object with a laser or lightning ray. It does not require any 3D plugin ... 22 sales

3D news ticker

3D news ticker $6.00   by patrickjanse ...

Newsticker with a 3D corner scroll effect and electronic display visual. Configure easily your news feed items in XML . Also has the option to load from external .RSS file You can configu ... 20 sales

Dragable Photos with XML

Dragable Photos with XML $6.00   by mmPartners

Photo gallery with dragable items, double click an image to enlarge. Photo path and photo title is defined in XML file. 4 sales

Rubber Menu AS2

Rubber Menu AS2 $8.00 by patrickjanse ...

Menu component with MovieClips as button items which can be keyframe tweened and include extra actionscripted animations on mouse over and when clicked. All menu items are interlinked with c ... 3 sales

tree summer

tree summer $3.00 by henlook

Set of three various trees in summer season. For decoration of games,nature websites and flash-cartoon backgrounds. Each plant is standalone movieclip,backround,shadows and additional anim ... 3 sales


TehnicPreloader $3.00 by inthel

TehnicPreloader is clean and very easy to use. Customize: * You can change text font, color and size (without ActionScript knowledge) * You can change colors Easy to use: * Good com ... 7 sales

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