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Custom work - panoramic walk

Client kikexa
Developer no developer picked yet
Price range 0.00 - 500.00 dollars
Project date 06 Sep 2011 project date
Project deadline 30 Sep 2011 project deadline
Developer can resell it can resell
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We need to do a site like this:
We imagine it works with a swf that loads the character, and each unit when the character comes forward and removed the units when are no longer visible; the background and foreground are no big images, and are repeat to cover the screen.

The character can be controlled with keyboard or the mouse; When the user brings the mouse to the edges of the screen, the character can run.

The need to have 4 planes, foreground, the character with the units, the background, and the far background.

We like to have the camera moves like when the character stops.

The menu to go specific items and when the user click it, the background to foreground get blur and appears the selected unit.

When you click one of the units everything is freeze, and opens a new window with the content to show, when click the black screen all comes back to life.

This always starts on the logo to the rock where it is welcome.

We have all characters, contents, and backs, don't worry about it.

NOTE: Please, the result it have to be the more close look to the Smurfs site, and it have to be done in AS3

Excuse me for my English

We need to do a site like this:
We imagine it works with a swf that loads the character, and each unit when the character...
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Bids (4)

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sunderpatriot $335.00 9 years ago
user sunderpatriot Hi,I am ready to do this project quickly.
User is rated 1.5 of 5
eddymax $500.00 9 years ago
user eddymax Similar design but way better content view, it can be done in Action Script 3.0 and it won't take but 10 days
User is rated 5 of 5
born4flash $500.00 9 years ago
user born4flash Hi,I am ready to do this project.
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leskography $550.00 9 years ago
user leskography
So if only navigation is needed please consider my bid..I'm working clean and very stuff can be done in max 10 days.
User is rated 3.75 of 5

Project comments

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user born4flash
born4flash 9 years ago

I uploaded a sample you can check it.

user kikexa
kikexa 9 years ago

But where I could found more information about the proponents? how I can choose the right gay to do the work?

user eddymax
eddymax 9 years ago

Hello, I can do that, got a lot of experience in flash and can do the panoramic navigation, a way better view and functions on the menu buttons and contents. Please considere my bid

user leskography
leskography 9 years ago

Ican strat right away..just let me know if we have a wont you see I have already some won projects.

user kikexa
kikexa 9 years ago

we need the panoramic navigation only
we are modelling the character, but we can give u the flash with all the character movements (walk, run, idle, and look around)

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