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Custom work - Hot Water Circulator Inefficiency Animation

Client Redytemp
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I own adobe web developer CS3 premium which I purchased for school but the teacher had a family emergency and the course was dropped after only 2 months. I have been a computer hardware / software geek for 20+ years but animation learning curve is slim to none. I've done 100% of the website myself including pictures and gif animations, and I know its has some serious shortcomings, suggestions welcomed. So thats my background.

Imagine owning a home that anytime you used cold water, watering the lawn, flushing the toilet, or any other cold water usage event caused your water heater to fire up. It's happening in many homes that use a hot water circulator other than a RedyTemp. Here's the how-it's happening that even plumbers couldn't understand until it's explained to them. Then they realize the reason.

Need to know info:
Hot water circulators make it possible for homeowners to not have to wait for hot water in their home. A retrofit hot water circulator uses both the hot and cold water lines in the home combined with a pump to move the water within the lines to have hot water ready at the sinks thereby eliminating the long wait for hot water familiar in todays homes.

The RedyTemp hot water circulator (invented by a retired aerospace engineer who worked on the mission to mars project) is significantly different from all other hot water circulators on the both efficiency and comfort. RedyTemp is superior because we incorporate a check valve AND a solenoid valve within our systems. All others on the market only have a single check valve. IMPORTANT to understand...a check valve only prevents water from flowing in "one" direction. A check valve together with a solenoid valve prevents flow in "two" directions.

Most people believe that having a hot water circulator in your home skyrockets your gas bill because of the additional demand on the water heater. If you watch the cheap animation on our website's main page you'll have a better understanding of the flaw in other circulators on the market when compared to the RedyTemp. Without a solenoid, RedyTemp would be just another hot water circulator. But, with our solenoid NO HOT WATER SIPHONING occurs during ANY COLD WATER USE in the home.

Create a animation that shows water from the hot water line siphoning over into the cold water line whenever cold water in the home is used.
Components to include in animation;

1. shown refilling / taking in very cold blue water when hot water siphoning occurs
2. shown hot water leaving water heater
3. gas bill / meter rising as water heater heats water as a result of hot water siphoning

1. Gradient color travels down hot water pipe during HWL siphoning
2. Blue is cold, Yellow/orange is warm, red is hot

1. Blue water travels down cold water pipe
2. Blue water mixes with water siphoned past check valve from hot water line causing warm water to come out cold faucet, water not cold / not blue anymore

1. shows near same water pressure in hot water pipe and cold water pipe until cold water is used / faucet opens
2. when cold faucet opens cold water lines pressure drops ONLY in cold water line.
3. Leaving the hot water lines water pressure higher.

1. Water is shown passing through check valve as a result of the higher pressure in the hot water line when cold water is used.

Maybe needed components:
Clock or timer indicating time wasted waiting for cold water from cold faucet

Happy face when cold water comes out tap
Sad face when owner has to wait for cold water to come out faucet

1. Valve is shown as a "<" sign. The greater then symbol meets in the middle. Put some space between the top and bottom half of the symbol equals the valve is open.

info: Comfort valves are thermostatic, they open when cold water contacts them and only close when hot water contacts them. The most popular system on the market uses this type of valve. Problem is that with this valve in your home, the valve opens anytime the water in the hot water line cools. Now you have your hot and cold water pipes connected with a valve that is "normally-open" causing hot water siphoning to occur often and makes it very hard to get cold water out your cold water faucet because warm water is siphoning through it all the time. A major energy waster at the water heater because of this valve.

1. Cold faucet opens, water from hot water line freely passes through open valve.
2. water mixes with cold water coming out faucet, blue water turns a different color because it's no longer cold.


Same components as above but with a solenoid valve that stays closed during cold water use so NO SIPHONING occurs and blue water comes out open cold water faucet.

Water heater does not fire up, gas is not consumed, energy is not wasted.

Show your credits within the animation will likely bring you business.
Visitors to website are seasonal. Winter time 3,000+ per month, summer time 1,000+ per month. Visitors will be glued to your animation if it is that kind which demands watching. It is planned to be placed on main page and will be the first thing shown to visitors. Free advertising.

The animations I made can be seen at (I'll have the page up by 4th of July for viewing)each one took less than a day to make. And, it shows. I would think that the animation should be around the same size as the one on our main page pump.gif I am open to all suggestions and thoughts concerning this project. The economy is hurting our sales, we are the most expensive one on the market so it's easy to understand we are hurting. The knowledge this animation depicts is important to unknowning consumers. It will likely be published on other sites or magazines...= more free advertising.

I own adobe web developer CS3 premium which I purchased for school but the teacher had a family emergency and the course was dropped after only 2 months. I... more >

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2006.siddhartha $250.00 1 decade ago
user 2006.siddhartha i can do this for you
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arkoak $350.00 1 decade ago
user arkoak i can do this in flash with 3d effects included using other software.
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user bgaby88
bgaby88 1 decade ago

you better find someone expert in Adobe After Effects... flash can't bring you such visual effects... and you need these effects to capture people attention... just my oppinion...