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Custom work help

How it works

  1. A client that needs a custom file,gallery, website, etc, comes to mmfiles and ads a project.
  2. Developers see the project in the list and can post comments or bids (offers) with their cost.
  3. Developers can upload sample work for client to see.
  4. Client checks bids and sample works and picks a developer while paying 50% of developer's price.
  5. Developer receives an email to start the work knowing that 50% was paid and held at mmfiles.
  6. Developer uploads work when ready and client receives an email.
  7. Client checks the uploaded project files and clicks to pay the second 50%.
  8. Author receives the payment (the advance that was locked and the second part).

Details about how it works

A client that needs a custom file (flash gallery, flash menu, etc) can add a project. The client can set a price range, write some details, upload instruction files, etc.

Client can now click a link to invite some developers to the project, other developers will locate the project on custom work area and place their bids on the project; developers can post comments to request more info if needed, developer can also upload a "sample work" file for client to see. Also... developers can subscribe to receive an email when a new project is posted. A "subscribe" button is available on custom work index page.

When a developer places a bid or a comment, the client receives an email, after some bids are placed the client can click and pick a developer from the bids list; at this point bids are closed and client pays 50% of the amount asked by the developer, these 50% are locked in mmfiles system until project is finished and works is uploaded. Developer will be paid only after work is done but he/she can freely start the work knowing that 50% is already kept at mmfiles. This is also safe for the client, since the 50% are not sent to the developer yet, then we could return this in case the developer doesn't upload the work, if uploaded work is significantly different than client's request or if developer cannot be reached anymore.

When developer uploaded the work, the client will be able to check the files, if everything is good then client can click the "pay developer" button that is now visible on project page, at this point the developer will receive the 50% that was locked in the mmfiles system and another 50% that client has to pay when clicking the pay button.

Some available options

• Client can select if project is visible or hidden on site, if project is hidden then only invited developers will be able to view project or place bids.
• Bids can be made available only for invited developer if client wants to.
• Client can specify a deadline, so that developers can estimate how much time they have available.
• Client can specify if a project result can or cannot be resold by the developer. Allowing the developers to resell the result multiple times usually generates more bids and lower prices. Note that if client is requesting a modification to an existent file originally created by a 3rd party then is not allowed to resell the result unless original author clearly allows this. In case a 3rd party file is modified, both project client and project developer are responsible for identifying and complying with the terms of original developer.
• Client will be able to invite developers to the projects, note that inviting developers is a must if client made the project invisible to public or if bids are set to "invite only".

We need your feedback

If you have any other questions, concerns or ideas, or if there are problems with a project, contact us.
If you are a developer, remember to click the "subscribe" button on custom work index page.