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MMFILES Frequently Asked Questions

What is MMFILES?

MMFILES is a place where users can buy and sell flash files, animations, menus, templates, components, etc.
The name stands for MultiMedia files.

How do I buy files?

As a buyer, you first have to login or register, add funds, then you can browse and buy flash files. Just click "buy" on listing page, listing price will be deducted from your credits and you can then click "download".

How can I pay?

When you add funds to your account, the payment is processed by PayPal, but this also allows you to pay by card. On PayPal page you can chose to pay with paypal or with credit card, they also offer wire transfers and other methods. PayPal is currently the most popular payment system.

How can I sell files?

As an author you have to login or register, then you can submit your files. We will check them and if the file meets our requirements then we will post it online at MMFILES. Each time a user buys your file, MMFILES will add your commission to your earnings. You can check your earnings under your account.

What are the requirements of uploaded files?

Please see our guidelines and requirements for uploading files.

How much can I earn selling files?

On each sale, 60% of the total price will be added to your earnings. There more quality files you have the more you earn. Good developers earn few thousands $ per month. Please check the listing requirements and guidelines before submitting files.
Note: For bulk orders (a client buys all files from an author), our fee is smaller, authors earn 70%.
Note: For custom work services fee is also smaller, currently authors earn 90%.

Do you have an affiliate system?

Yes, you can send new users to mmfiles and earn 40% of the first 3 payments made by that user.

When and how do I get paid?

Earnings that you have as an author or as an affiliate will be sent at the beginning of each month (between 1 and 10 of the month). We send payments to all users that have over $50 so you don't have to request a payment. Make sure you have the correct PayPal or MoneyBookers address set under my account area.

I want small modifications made to a file

If you want some small ( or large :) ) modifications made to a file, or you need a new file made just for you, then feel free to use our custom work area, you can post your project and developers will tell you how much it costs.

Error: Unexpected file format

If you get "unexpected file format" error when you try to open a fla file (flash source file) it means that your flash program version is older than the program that was used to create the fla source file.
Solution is to update your flash program or when you buy files look at the flash version and compare to your program version.