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Menus for websites, HTML menus, CSS menus, JavaScript menus, flash menus, etc.

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Quick Menu XML

Quick Menu XML $9.00   by adrianTNT

Vertical flash menu with autoscroll and custom actions. 5 sales

Micro Menu XML

Micro Menu XML $15.00     by adrianTNT

XML Flash Menu. You can set the menu buttons colors, options, click actions, etc, all by editing menu.xml with a simple text editor without even editing the source file. In addition to ... 11 sales

CX Nav Bar

CX Nav Bar $9.00   by adrianTNT

XML drop down menu with a chrome style. The button actions can be configured to open URLs or trigger flash actions, functions, loadmovie, fscommands, go to frame, etc. 3 sales

AV Drop Down Menu with XML

AV Drop Down Menu with XML $9.00 by Aires

Drop down menu with XML. Menu buttons can be configured to loadMovie, open an URL or go to a given flash frame. Other options editable by XML are menu buttons colors, buttons text, etc. 2 sales


Carousel $3.00     by clipdepelicu ...

A new carousel in Flash 13 sales

Horizontal Scroller Motion Blur

Horizontal Scroller Motion Blur $5.00 by FLASHTORY

Features: - unlimited number of thumbnails; - supports landscape and portrait images which are then resized by ratio taking into consideration the limits you will setup in the xml; - easy ... 6 sales

Vertical Scroller Motion Blur

Vertical Scroller Motion Blur $5.00 by FLASHTORY

Features: - unlimited number of thumbnails; - easy to implement and use; From the xml you can change: - the scroller's x and y; - the scroller's mask width and height - the thumb wid ... 7 sales

Targa Menu XML

Targa Menu XML $19.00     by adrianTNT

Targa menu XML is a menu made in flash but it does not require flash to run, you can use almost any HTML editor to insert the menu in a web page, it is a simple flash file (swf file), the me ... 30 sales

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